Christina Stoy

Christina Stoy

Christina Stoy is the owner of and seemingly sole contributor to Stoy is the President of Blink Development Group LLC.

Blink Development LLC
29 Washington Crossing Pennington Road
Pennington, NJ 08534
(609) 818-1661

Editor in Chief of, Shannon Christina Stoy is an internet blogger. Stoy has never offered any credentials, including law enforcement experience, education or involvement in criminal investigations. By all appearances, she is simply a woman with a blog and an opinion. A very loud, misguided, poorly researched, poorly presented opinion.

It's not outside of the realm of possibility that Christina Stoy has any of the above experience. If she does, she certainly has not shared that with her readers. Or her detractors. Or anyone on the internet. When Christina Stoy makes statements such as "we've worked many cases", that can be directly translated to, "I've blogged about and gossiped with commenters on my site about many cases". The actual, real world experience of Christina Stoy in the law enforcement field is unknown, and very likely unreal. A self promoter with a penchance for tooting her own horn, if Christina Stoy had one ounce of real world law enforcement experience, she'd bring that up at every turn.

Notice on her website, there is no "about" and there are not any credentials listed. That is because, as far as she's shared with the world at large, she doesn't have any.