Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

In an age of self promotion, word of mouth is still one of the leading indicators of esteem. Despite the highest praises and distinctions a person puts on herself, nothing will eclipse the praises of her peers, colleagues and audience. Positive reviews by others are worth much more than any praise a person can heap on herself. Even more so with negative commentary.

There exists on the internet a subset of people who spend their time discussing violent crimes, missing persons, high profile trials, etc. There are countless forums and blogs. Within that world, Christina Stoy and are a pariah. The work of Stoy is not permitted on most forums and posters are directed to abstain from mentioning her tabloid journalism. It's pretty common for posts to be deleted that refer to or Christina Stoy.

Several retired law enforcement officers have blogs, their comments about Stoy and are less than flattering. Bloggers and forum regulars are the peers of Stoy, and it is difficult to find any commentary that matches her own opinion of herself and her blog. Indeed, the primary source of praise for Christina Stoy and is within the comments section of her own website, or on the heavily moderated forums of her sister site,

Included below are some of the highlights of the internet's opinion of Christina Stoy and One can't help but notice that the name "Shannon Stoy" is notorious in the community, which is probably why "Blink" now refers to herself as "Christina Stoy".

Former Criminal Prosecutor Tells All You Need to Know

"I didn't want anyone to go to crime profiteer site of "Blink on Crime", so I recommended Websleuths as the better option. They got this wrong, but still have do good work in many cases. It is very difficult to move away from traditional conceptual approaches.
People have asked me to expose Blink as a fraud. I am trying to write a post here.
So I am going to do this fast. Her real name is Shannen Stoy. A phony crime profiteer.

Tricia Griffith, of is the real deal. Avoid Blink. Back to my post.
Blink is never right, makes up false info, don't read there. Ever. Back to Lauren."

True Nelson

"she even let on that a man was on record saying he actually saw kyron and Th that morning in a truck on the highway and let that go on before 2 weeks before she corrected it after some readers hounded her about her source and it turned up that she was simply WRONG and irresponsable.. even then she let on that it was an oversight -yeah right -i really do NOT think so. she knew exactly waht she was doing. the suspect profile thing is enitrely laughable. tell us, true Mr. Nelson, what are the odds that the FBI is gonna share a suspect behavioral profile in a high profile case with a anonymous blogger???"

True Nelson

"That aside, why does "Blink" seem to be the ultimate insult? It's my understanding that 'Blink on Crime' is very, very popular."

I find it funny that "Blink" is essentially a well known insult around the community. When your name is synonymous with unethical tactics and fraud, you know you've failed the word of mouth game.

The Pocomoke Public Eye

"My name is Tricia Griffith and I own

The above comment is an out and out lie. I banned Blink. No need to go into the reasons but the only reason Blink quit posting was because I blocked her from doing so."

The Pocomoke Public Eye

The Pocomoke Public Eye

"Shannon Stoy seems committed to causing drama and trouble wherever she goes "

Bulldog PI

"Blink’s approach  doesn’t exactly strike me as the way to motivate someone with worthwhile information to talk.  In fact, I view her as an interfering nusiance responsible for  more harm then good, but then again I am not a publicist.:"


" Shannon Stoy is a bored housewife…but baby murder vicitms aren’t a popularity contest or a “draw” for blogs you promise and never print.  Shame on you. "

Horsby on Blink

"So Blink may really be Shannon Stoy who creates her own storyline to further her own financial interests, which is none other than her own Public Relations and Communications company."

Blinkoncrime Wikipedia

"Inflammatory tactics commonly employed by Stoy, according to critics, include fabricating stories (in conjunction with Scared Monkeys, main site of the server that hosts, posting private information about non-suspects and family members of ongoing investigations, and intentionally misstating factual accounts of ongoing investigations to insinuate connection of non-suspects to well known crimes. The primary criticism of these tactics is that while purporting to expose important information, her tactics are more successful in obscuring truth with disinformation. "

The Hook

"Geller says the timing of the release was prompted by a crime blog, which announced that investigators had discovered a link between the Harrington case and another recent Fairfax case–- the wrong one. When news outlets began contacting her for confirmation, Geller says, police feared widespread misinformation would damage the investigation by prompting a flurry of false leads."

The crime blog referred to is Yet one more example of disinformation spread by Christina Stoy.

Consecutive Days of Lying by Christina Stoy

"Christina Stoy printed a libelous article and interview about me. When I approached her about it, she saidName one lie. Name one mistruth that is not an opinion, if it can be substantiated, I will absolutely correct it without pause.” However, when I corrected her and itemized her lies and libel, she responded not by correcting any of it. Rather, she refused to publish my correction and left it all in place"