Holly Bobo

Holly Bobo

In April of 2011, 20 year old Holly Bobo disappeared from her family home in Parsons, TN. Bobo was last seen walking into the surrounding woods with a man in camoflauge by her brother.

The case remains unsolved, and Holly Bobo is still missing.

A month or so after the abduction, a thread started on, titled "Jon Dodd". The thread was primarily speculation about the possible involvement of local Parson resident, Jon Dodd. In the thread, Jon Dodd himself responded to speculation and accusation, defending himself. It was the plea of a man who was asking the general public to show reservation before wildly speculating and tarnishing his name and adversely affecting his family. The thread offered some insight into the early phases of the investigation, including collection of DNA and relationship of Dodd to Holly Bobo.

Previously, had offered inside information, provided by anonymous sources. Christina Stoy was coy, however, in releasing much information, stating "To that end, I would downplay the connection to her cousin in the country music business as I have, in and effort to allow the suspect to think the case will receive only minimal exposure and returning Holly and surrendering safely can be largely private, and in his best interest to do so immediately."

One week after that article, Stoy posted an article praising the small community for its efforts, even mentioning a family by name and showing pictures of a family member. "Jason Todd, a former schoolmate of Holly Bobo’s as are MANY of Holly’s friends, will unfortunately end up searching for her in each other’s  backyards."

To the reader, it is apparent that Ms. Stoy had some connection to people within the Parson's community, and was sharing information in an attempt to aid the search efforts. The same could be said of her follow up article less than a week later. "The readers and editors of commend you today. I have spoken to many of you in the field, and I know that in an active investigation, there is so little to keep you motivated and strong."

That appearance of aid and support of the community, and of any substantial inside connection, fell to the wayside shortly after the thread.

Within a month, what had been a series of supportive and seemingly informative postings turned into an exploitative posting of personal information. Stoy posted pictures of the Jon Dodd, media from his Facebook, and other personal information about Jon Dodd. Where had been a supporter of the Parsons community, suddenly was a sensational article about a bystander in the investigation.

Finding yourself in the middle of a police investigation can be alarming. A young man in his 20s, Jon Dodd reacted to the stress by getting on the internet and trying to tell the world essentially, "I'm not a bad guy, I'm hearing alot of rumors." A responsible and reasonable person would see this as a stressed and confused young man. Christina Stoy took the opposite approach, fueling the gossip mill further. Within a short time, the article spread across the online community and the name Jon Dodd was on everyone's list. Without being named as a suspect. Without being named as a person of interest. Without any communication from investigators.

Beyond the sensationalism and insinuation and perpetuation of rumor, Christina Stoy claimed she was aware of Jon Dodd previously, but withheld any mention of him to protect the investigation. "While was aware of this information, a decision was made to withhold it in the interests of the cases “active” status previously."  If Stoy was concerned with protecting the investigation, that went out the window the moment she posted personal information about Jon Dodd.

The only way that is not true, is if Christina Stoy knew that Jon Dodd was NOT a suspect. So far, investigators have made no comments about Dodd. If that is the case, if Christina Stoy was aware that Jon Dodd was and is not a suspect in the disappearance of Holly Bobo, that's nearly as unsettling. That would mean she chose to post an "article" about a stressed young man who was feeling bullied by the world, further bullying him and connecting him to a tragic abduction, knowing full well he was not implicated.

A month prior, Christina Stoy advocated "effort to allow the suspect to think the case will receive only minimal exposure."  She demonstrated the exact opposite when she took the posting of a local man on a local subforum of and put it on the front page of her website. With pictures. And Facebook information. So much for minimal exposure, so much for discretion for the benefit of investigation.

Christina Stoy can pick her poison, as one of three things happened.

1. Christina Stoy took the opportunity to capitalize on the internets' interest of Jon Dodd without regard for the investigation, despite her previous "inside" information.

2. Christina Stoy hadn't known about Dodd, and simply took the opportunity to gain webhits, lying about her previous "inside" knowledge in the process.

3. Christina Stoy had inside knowledge of Jon Dodd, but knowing he was not a suspect, decided she was not compromising the investigation and smeared his name for hits to her website.

Whatever the case, the people of Parsons became fairly vocal and, as with many a community that encounters, took serious issue with her actions. What they had perceived as a helpful website, they quickly learned is a self serving blogger willing to go to great lengths for self promotion.  Blinkoncrime and Christina Stoy took the opportunity of a young man in the middle of a whirlwind of gossip, and fan the flames even further.